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Nucano Mezcal Espadin - Cuiche 100% Agave 45.34%

Mezcal Nucano Espadin-Cuishe is a mezcal blend of 2 Agave varieties with 45.34% alcohol with a spicy and smoky, earthy aftertaste.

Nucano Mezcal Joven Tobala

A soft, clear mezcal native to the Oaxaca region of Mexico. This variant is a joven, i.e. a young variant that is immediately bottled after its distillation process without being matured.

Nucano Mezcal Joven Tepextate

Made from the Tepextate agave. A variety that takes twenty years to reach the right age to be harvested. Its character provides a very unique taste pallet of spicy pepper, mixed with earthy notes and pickle. With a light undertone of vinegar.

Nucano Mezcal Joven Cuishe

Is a soft young mezcal produced in Oaxaca, Mexico. Because this is a young (Joven)
Cuishe agave, A type of agave that takes quite a long time to fully mature. Because it needs so long (no less than 12 years) it makes a very special agave species.

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