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Spanish style


The Spanish style rum (also called ron), it will not surprise you, 
has its roots in South America. Countries such as Cuba and Panama,
but also Guatemala and the Dominican Republic. The Spanish style rums are also made
from Molasses, but not distilled in a Pot Still. The rum is namely distilled in a
so-called column distillation; this is a lot more efficient! Furthermore,
these rums are aged in a so-called Solera system. In a Solera system there are drums
on top of each other; the oldest at the bottom and the youngest at the top.
When tapping from the oldest barrel, a part of the youngest will automatically flow to it.
In this way we try to deliver the same quality continuously. Spanish rum has many different flavours, but is somewhat lighter and more approachable than
the English style.
These rums have more layers in the taste with some sweet notes.
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Naga Shani Kindom of Siam

Naga Shani is an Indonesian rum aged for 10 years in oak barrels in the heart of the kingdom of Siam.
After this first maturation, this rum is matured for 15 months in old Pedro Ximénez sherry barrels.

La Maison Du Rhum Peru Batch 5 (70cl, 48%)

Column distilled in 2012, this Peruvian rum is the fifth batch to join the collection from indie bottler La Maison Du Rhum. Initially matured in bourbon casks, the rum was finished in oloroso sherry casks before bottling in 2022.

La Maison Du Rhum Paraguay Batch 5 (70cl, 42%)

The folks at La Maison Du Rhum certainly know how to sniff out an interesting spirit, like this marvellous rum from Paraguay. Column distilled in 2008, the rum was filled into bourbon casks to mature, and finished in a combo of Pedro Ximénez and brandy

La Maison Du Rhum Panama Batch 5 (70cl, 55%)

Impressive Panamanian rum, column distilled in 2007 and filled into bourbon casks to mature. Those casks were opened up in 2022 by indie bottler La Maison Du Rhum for its fifth batch of rum from Panama.

La Maison Du Rhum Colombia Batch 5 (70cl, 46%)

The fifth batch of Columbian rum from indie bottler La Maison Du Rhum. This column distilled rum was filled into bourbon barrels in 2010, and transferred to finish in casks that previously held coffee liqueur, before it was bottled up in 2022.

Diplomático No.3 Pot Still Rum - Distillery Collection (70cl, 47%)

Here we have the third rum in Diplomatico's Distillery Collection, made using sugar cane honey. Distilled in June 2010 in the historical copper pot still that first arrived at the distillery in 1959,

Diplomático No.2 Barbet Rum - Distillery Collection (70cl, 47%)

The Diplomático Distillery Collection was launched to show off the styles of rum that go to make their fantastic expressions. The second release in the range was named after the Barbet column still which arrived at Diplomático's distillery

Diplomático No.1 Batch Kettle Rum - Distillery Collection (70cl, 47%)

The first release in Diplomático's Distillery Collection, which gives light to the selection of stills utilised to make their ace expressions. This particular expression showcases the batch kettle still

Compagnie Des Indes PANAMA 13 Y 43% Alc

43% alcohol - 700 ml
Distillation: Column still
Base: Molasses
Ageing: 90% Tropical, 10% Continental

Sao Can 20 Year Old Reserva Original (70cl, 40%)

A classic Cuban rum here, combining a blend of well-matured, molasses-based column distilled spirit. Twenty years of maturation have ensured a rich array of silky, leathery oak, fragrant tobacco, rich caramel, and elegant spice.

Sao Can Reserva 14 Year Old (70cl, 40%)

A 14-year-old Cuban rum here from Sao Can that's a blend of different molasses rums matured in a variety of barrels before being bottled with its natural colour.

Sao Can Reserva 10 Original (70cl, 40%)

A classic Cuban rum, Sao Can Reserva 10 has a silky, elegant profile, enhanced by gentle oak aging. The smooth texture and juicy sweet sugar notes should work splendidly in a host of classic rum cocktails.

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Mezan Panama 2006 40%

Mezan Panama 2006 40%

This rum was distilled in 2006. This is the date when the barrel aging process started.
- This rum has a specific distillation style "Multicolumn".

Mezan Dominican Republic 2010 46%

This distillery produces its rums from sugarcane juice gathered from freshly crushed Dominican cane, grown in the provinces of San Pedro de Macorís, La Romana, La Altagracia and El Seibo.

Mezan Belize 2008 13 Y46%

The distillery is situated in Belmopan. Molasses comes from locally crushed sugar cane. It is naturally fermented and then distilled in a triple column continuous still.


It is a particularly rich molasses wine that was distilled in a column to make Rum Nation 10 Years Panama.


Rum Nation Peruano is a very old rum produced in the region of Lambayeque, in northern Peru.

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 RHUM NATION Guatemala XO 20th Anniversary Decanter

RHUM NATION Guatemala XO 20th Anniversary Decanter

Rum Nation Guatemala XO 20th Anniversary Decanter is a molasses rum produced by the Industrias Licoreras of Guatemala. It was bottled by Italians from Rum Nation. This pretty carafe celebrates the 20th anniversary of Rum Nation and its discoveries of rums

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Rum Nation Guatemala Gran Reserva is a selection from the famous Italian bottler. This rum from Guatemala was distilled in Tulula, from local molasses. It was then passed in American white oak barrels that had previously contained bourbon.

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