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De rums van Engelse stijl is degene met de grootste geschiedenis en dan ook de oudste rumstijl. Deze rum wordt gedistilleerd in pot stills, net zoals whisky dat wordt. Een pot still is een soort grote ketel die verwarmd wordt, zodat de alcoholdampen op stijgen en via de leiding weer neerslaat als alcohol in vloeibare vorm. Zo wordt er gedistilleerd. De rums met Engelse stijl worden ook bijna allemaal gerijpt op een eikenhouten vat. De Rum komt veel uit voormalige Britse kolonieën zoals Barbados, Trinidad en Jaimaica. De rum wordt gemaakt van melasse, dat is een soort stroperig bijproduct van suikerriet en suikerbieten.

Kenmerkend voor deze stijl is de donkere kleur en zijn de krachtige smaken: kruidig, aromatisch. De rums van Engelse rum stijl zijn dan ook geliefd om de rijke aroma’s en kwaliteit.

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Pusser's Coronation Reserve

This limited edition Coronation Reserve rum from Pusser's is a navy strength blend of Guyanese and Trinidadian rums. Released to mark the coronation of King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla on 6 May 2023,

Naga Shani Kindom of Siam

Naga Shani is an Indonesian rum aged for 10 years in oak barrels in the heart of the kingdom of Siam.
After this first maturation, this rum is matured for 15 months in old Pedro Ximénez sherry barrels.

Foursquare 12 Year Old 2010 - Exceptional Cask Selection

From the ever-exceptional Foursquare distillery in Barbados, this impressive expression combines a blend of 2010 pot and column-distilled rum, matured for 12 years in bourbon casks.

La Maison Du Rhum Trinidad & Tobago Batch 5 (70cl, 53,50 %)

La Maison du Rhum Trinidad & Tobago Batch 5 is an aged rum distilled in 2009 and fully aged in ex-Bourbon barrels. Bottled in 2022, La Maison du Rhum Trinidad & Tobago Batch 5 rum is a rum of pure English tradition.

La Maison Du Rhum St. Lucia Batch 5 (70cl, 43%)

Independently bottled by La Maison Du Rhum, this rum from St Lucia was distilled in a Coffey column still in 2013, and filled into fresh American oak barrels to mature, before being bottled in 2022.

Ron Colón Salvadoreño 50 50 RumRye (70cl, 50%)

A clever little hybrid here from the folks at Ron Colón Salvadoreño. This intriguing spirit combines a half and half blend of Ron Colón Salvadoreño Rum with a four year old American straight rye whiskey, produced from 100% rye

Ron Colón Salvadoreño Aged Dark Rum (70cl, 40.5%)

A rum with big flavour from the smallest country in Central America. El Salvador based Ron Colón Salvadoreño combines 6-year-old column-distilled rum produced at the Licorera Cihuatán – named after the Mayan settlement

Compagnie Des Indes Jamaica 5 Year Old (70cl, 43%)

This expression was made using a blend of rums from Clarendon and Worthy Park aged in bourbon casks, with a particular focus the pot-still deliciousness with a good helping of familiar funky notes intertwined in there too.

Pusser's Deptford Dockyard Reserve (70cl, 54.5%)

A limited edition release from Pusser's, Deptford Dockyard Reserve commemorates the 52nd anniversary of Black Tot Day in 2022. Combining a blend of aged Caribbean rums from Guyana, Trinidad, Barbados, and Jamaica, it's bottled up at 54.5% ABV

Pusser's 'Gunpowder Proof' Spiced (70cl, 54.5%)

Pusser's 'Gunpowder Proof' Spiced is a particularly full-bodied spiced rum, made with rum matured in charred oak bourbon barrels and combined with a selection of tasty ingredients, including banana, cinnamon, chocolate, ginger and vanilla.

Pusser's Select Aged 151 (70cl, 75.5%)

A high-strength expression from the Pusser's Navy Rum range, matured for at least three years in ex-bourbon barrels before being bottled up at an eye-watering 75.5% ABV.

Pusser's 'Gunpowder Proof' Black Label (70cl, 54.5%)

Pusser's 'Gunpowder Proof' Black Label (previously known as Blue Label) is a higher proof traditional British Naval rum, produced using the blending recipe from the Admiralty. Well loved, it picked up a Trophy at the International Spirits Challenge 2016.

Mezan Jamaica 2011 46%

The distillery is situated in Valle Lluidas near the center of the island where it produces 90,000 tonnes of sugarcane annually.

Mezan Trinidad 2009 46%

Based in Port-of-Spain, TDL cultivates its own yeast strain which adds an individuality to its sugarcane molasses fermentation.

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