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Mezan Panama 2006 40%

This rum was distilled in 2006. This is the date when the barrel aging process started.
- This rum has a specific distillation style "Multicolumn".

Mezan Dominican Republic 2010 46%

This distillery produces its rums from sugarcane juice gathered from freshly crushed Dominican cane, grown in the provinces of San Pedro de Macorís, La Romana, La Altagracia and El Seibo.

Mezan Jamaica 2011 46%

The distillery is situated in Valle Lluidas near the center of the island where it produces 90,000 tonnes of sugarcane annually.

Mezan Trinidad 2009 46%

Based in Port-of-Spain, TDL cultivates its own yeast strain which adds an individuality to its sugarcane molasses fermentation.

Mezan Belize 2008 13 Y46%

The distillery is situated in Belmopan. Molasses comes from locally crushed sugar cane. It is naturally fermented and then distilled in a triple column continuous still.

Cosmik Vodka Pure Diamond

Cosmik Pure Diamond Vodka is a vodka made from Beauce wheat that has undergone 6 distillations. The wheat distillate is then filtered ten times with a limestone.

Dingle Irish Vodka

Dingle distillery’s first product. Before the whiskey and before the gin there was Dingle vodka. What makes this vodka so unique and unusual is the fact that it is quintuple distilled. The fifth distillation creates the finest purest spirit.

Benrinnes in2Spirit 9 years 54,4% 2022

9 years
Oloroso Quarter cask

Benrinnes 12 Year Old, Red Cask Company

Nose – Vanilla, Caramel and Wild Spring Flowers
Palate – Sweet Apples, Caramel Toffee and Slight Smoke
Finish – Spicy Fruit lingering on the Palate
Cask Number #312520 – Distilled 01/12/2009 – Speyside

TEANINICH 13 Year Old, The Red Compagnie

Nose – Sweet at first, then slight Dry Oak, more Fruity Flavours, Fruitcake and some Orange Spices
Palate – Sharp burst of Spices at first, then some Orange Peel
Finish – Very smooth finish, some Fruitcake, slight spices with a lingering taste

CAOL ILA 11 Year Old, The Red Cask Company

Nose – Smoky Leather with some sweet notes of Apples and Plums
Palate – Smoked Salted Seaweed with Sweet Stewed Apples and Plums
Finish – Very sharp smoke, some more Sweet Plums and Apples long-lasting
Cask Number #319103 – Distilled 17/10/2010

Reimonenq Grande Réserve 7 years 70cl 40%Vol

This rum aged 7 years in oak barrels before bottling.
The GRANDE RESERVE is an old and complex Rhum.

Bielle Millésime 2014 Brut de Fût Soutiré 2021 Batch 3

Rhum Bielle Brut de Fût Millésime 2014 Bottled in 2021 Batch 3.
This second batch is bottled at 57,4%ABV.

AULTMORE 2010 RWCo 63,5%

This is one of the latest whiskies in Roger's Whisky Co Vintage Selection range. An elegant and complex Aultmore, bottled at an incredible 63.5% ABV.

Compagnie Des Indes Jamaica New Yarmouth 70cl 50%Vol

Compagnie des Indes launches The Great Whites, a range of exceptional white rums! Ultra aromatic and rich white rums. Overproof at 50°, they come from three different countries: Jamaica,

Compagnie Des Indes Ghana Mid West Ghana 70cl 50%Vol

Compagnie des Indes launches The Great Whites, a range of exceptional white rums! Ultra aromatic and rich white rums. Overproof at 50°, they come from three different countries: Vietnam, Jamaica and Ghana.

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An Islay 10 Year Old 2010 (cask 46)

An Islay 10 Year Old 2010 (cask 46)

The Lady of the Glen An Islay 10 years old 2010 is a 10 year old Islay single malt from an undisclosed distillery bottled by the independent bottler Lady of the Glen. This Islay single malt was distilled on 17 October 2010 and matured in refill hogshead 4

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TOMATIN 12 Year Old 2008 (cask 747)

TOMATIN 12 Year Old 2008 (cask 747)

A 12 year old single malt from the Tomatin Distillery, which has been independently bottled by Hannah Whisky Merchants. It was distilled back in June 2008, and allowed to age in a hogshead for a dozen years, before being bottled in April 2021

CAOL ILA 13 Year Old 2007 (cask CM269)

A cracking Caol Ila here, independently bottled by House of Macduff. It was distilled on Islay back in December 2007, and aged in a bourbon cask for 13 years until March 2021, when it was bottled up for The Golden Cask range. A release of 263 bottles.

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TEANINICH 9 Year Old 2007 (cask CM229)

TEANINICH 9 Year Old 2007 (cask CM229)

An uncommon sight - single malt from the Teaninich distillery. Lots of Teaninich's whisky ends up in blends, so we're always happy to see it as a single malt.

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Linkwood 14 Year Old 2007 (cask CM276)

Linkwood 14 Year Old 2007 (cask CM276)

A fab indie bottling of single malt Scotch from the Linkwood Distillery, brought to us by House of Macduff. After distillation in June 2007,

Ojo de Dios Joven (70cl, 42%)

An artisinal mezcal from Ojo de Dios (which translates at 'God’s eye'), produced from Espadin agave. This here is a Joven bottling, so after the agave is roasted for around 10 days and double distilled,

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TEANINICH 11 Year Old 2008 (cask 706527)

TEANINICH 11 Year Old 2008 (cask 706527)

This Highland malt is like a good old fashioned fruit scone. It is soft, crumbly, best served lathered with jam or bramble jelly.

INCHGOWER 12 Year Old 2008 (cask 306929)

Distilled at the Inchgower Distillery in Speyside back in 2008, this is an exceptional single-cask whisky. It’s been aged for a dozen years in a single hogshead, from 309 bottles.

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