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McConnell's 5 Year Old Irish Whiskey

McConnell's was first established in Belfast by in 1776 by a pair of brothers, disappeared in 1958 and was then revived once more! This here is the 5 Year Old from the range, a blend that has been matured in American oak barrels. A enjoyably spicy Irish w

Currach Seaweed Cask Finish

A deliciously intriguing Irish whiskey here from Currach, the single malt was finished in seaweed charred casks! See, we told you it was intriguing. The casks didn't previously hold seaweed – Atlantic seaweed was actually used to char the casks! The team

Gouden Carolus Blaasveld Broek 46% 50cl

Blaasveld Broek refers to the beautiful nature reserve Het Broek next to Stokerij De Molenberg in Blaasveld. For centuries peat (dried peat) was extracted there, which at the time mainly served as fuel for local residents and also for drying barley malt.

Viva 2020 Aperitif Beer

This ‘Bière Brut’ contains 40% Chardonnay. This is hence not an ordinary beer, this is a ‘Belgian Hybrid Brew’.

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Sling Shot Irish Gin

Sling Shot Irish Gin

The first release from the Lough Ree Distillery, Sling Shot Irish Gin. This gin has been created using four separate high quality distillates which are then blended together to make the final Sling Shot Gin. A classic gin style distillate, a citrus distil

Demerare Solera nr° 14

A heavy Demerara, with its evident sugary sweetness, but also very dark, estery and aromatic.

Slyrs Single Malt Whisky Fifty-One

What makes SLYRS Whisky so unique? Is it the Bavarian sun-ripened summer barley, the pure mineral water or the gentle maturity? The mix of all these features and the observant eyes of the experienced distillers creates a strong aroma with a hint of smoke

Barr an Uisce 1803 10 Year Old

A 10 year old Irish single malt from the Barr an Uisce range, matured entirely in first-fill bourbon barrels. Wonderfully creamy whiskey from the Wicklow-based company.

Barr an Uisce Wicklow Rare

A blended Irish whiskey from the Barr an Uisce range, which is based in Wicklow (it's on the east coast of Ireland, a bit south of Dublin). Made with 80% grain whiskey and 20% malt whiskey, the blend enjoys a finishing period in Oloroso sherry casks for 6

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TULLIBARDINE 2006 - The Murray Marsala Cask Finish

TULLIBARDINE 2006 - The Murray Marsala Cask Finish

Another addition to Tullibardine's The Murray series - this time the distillery in the Highlands has finished its whisky in casks that previously held Sicilian Marsala wine! It was distilled back in 2006 and originally aged in first-fill bourbon barrels,

Fercullen 10 Year Old (70cl, 40%)

Wonderfully creamy single grain Irish whiskey here from the Fercullen range, aged in American white oak casks. If you like your whiskey to be packed to the brim with vanilla and fruit notes, then this is the dram you've been looking for.

Blackwell Black Gold Fine Jamaican Rum

Blackwell Black Gold Rum was created by Chris Blackwell, who also happens to be the owner of Island Records. The dark rum itself is distilled and blended by J. Wray & Nephew in Jamaica. It was made in the style of a traditional recipe from the days when B

RHUM NATION RÉUNION 7 y.o. Cask Strength

A rum for connoisseurs, due to the cask strength and the austere character, peppery and not tamed at all. The exact opposite of sweet and honeyed rums: pure and uncompromising.

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WILSON AND MORGAN  Glenrothes 2010-19 "Sherry Finish Oloroso"

WILSON AND MORGAN Glenrothes 2010-19 "Sherry Finish Oloroso"

A young, vibrant and playful Glenrothes, with just the right amount of Oloroso sherry to give it a dry style, but only a hint of winey character. At the nose it’s nutty, peppery, fruity but with restraint. Its dry and spicy style becomes immediately evide

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WILSON AND MORGAN  Glen Moray 2007-20 "Sherry Finish Oloroso"

WILSON AND MORGAN Glen Moray 2007-20 "Sherry Finish Oloroso"

The delicate whisky from this distillery in Speyside, usually very light in body and known for its flowery and honeyed touch, has received an extra layer of fruity richness thanks to a finish of twenty months in second fill sherry casks.

WILSON AND MORGAN Bunnahabhain 2014-20 "Heavy Peat"

When Bunnahabhain occasionally makes a peated whisky, there are no compromises... and it’s a really smoky one. A huge difference in style compared to their standard fruity and unpeated distillate, it’s unmistakeably Islay from the first whiff.

WILSON AND MORGAN Ben Nevis 2013-20 "Sherry Wood"

The whisky from the only distillery in the coastal town of Fort William, with a view of the highest Scottish mountain from which it takes its name, is always very sought after. Its malty character, medium body and fresh notes of oranges are quite unmistak


From a Gaelic word meaning "life", this robust single malt comes from one of Scotland's oldest distilleries, located in the southern Highlands. Renowned for its traditional fruity and flowery style, this distillery once in a while also makes a heavily pea

WILSON AND MORGAN Ardmore 2009 "Heavy Peat"

After the success of our 5yo release from a couple of years ago, we were curious to try an older version of this unusually very smoky Speyside malt. This time the result is more intense and complex: while the clean background maltiness is still present, t


A Jamaican rum in its most natural presentation: bottled at full proof, at the same strength it comes out from the barrels. For those looking for strong and raw experiences. TYPE OF CASK Ex Bourbon Cask


Compared to the usual very sweet Demerara rums, this cask strength release – a blend of distillates from three different stills (French Savalle, wooden Coffey, double wooden pot) – is winey and dry, meant for lovers of austere styles.

RHUM NATION 21 Y Panama Decanter Black

Rhum Nation 21 Year Old Panama Decanter Black is a special edition of the famous 21 Year Old Panama from the Italian house Rum Nation. In this opaque black decanter, we find the work of several ronero maestros. Coming from Cuba, they gave their advice to

RHUM NATION 18 Y Panama Decanter

Rum Nation 18 Year Old Decanter is an aged Spanish-style rum from Panama, bottled in a beautiful carafe. The finesse of the distillation gives life to a light rum with great aromatic complexity and easy to drink. It is a sweet rum, rich in tropical fruits


It is a particularly rich molasses wine that was distilled in a column to make Rum Nation 10 Years Panama.

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