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French style


Tot slot hebben we de rums gemaakt in de Franse Stijl. Ook deze kent een geschiedenis in de voormalige Franse Koloniën zoals Haïti en Martinique. Deze rums worden ook wel aangeduid met Rhum en worden niet gemaakt van Melasse, maar van suikerrietsap. Er zijn strenge Franse richtlijnen voor deze rums en ze worden gedistilleerd met kolomdistillatie. De Rhums welke voldoen aan de strenge eisen worden Rhum Agricole’s genoemd. De rums welke niet voldoen aan deze richtlijnen, heten Rhum Industriel.

De rums met de Franse stijl zijn fruitiger in de aroma’s en geven een droger gevoel in de mond. Hierbij ontdek je plantaardige smaken.

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La Maison Du Rhum Mauritius Batch 5 (70cl, 55%)

Distilled in Mauritius in 2014, this superb cane juice-based rum was matured in a combo of new French oak, Cognac, and red wine barrels, before finishing in oloroso sherry, and single malt whisky casks! Quite the cask combo. Independently bottled in 2022

Piccadily CAMIKARA 12 y Cask Aged Rum 50%

Piccadily Group has launched Camikara, which is a pure cane juice rum. It is being projected as the first cane juice rum from India. The name of the beverage, which means liquid gold in Sanskrit,

Reimonenq Grande Réserve 7 years 70cl 40%Vol

This rum aged 7 years in oak barrels before bottling.
The GRANDE RESERVE is an old and complex Rhum.

Bielle Millésime 2014 Brut de Fût Soutiré 2021 Batch 3

Rhum Bielle Brut de Fût Millésime 2014 Bottled in 2021 Batch 3.
This second batch is bottled at 57,4%ABV.

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Savanna Rhum Le Must 70cl 45%Vol

Savanna Rhum Le Must 70cl 45%Vol

A great fusion of traditional rums and great aromas aged up to nine years, Le Must from Savanna offers a crunchy fruitiness, between banana and pear, rounded off by more complex notes of honey and ganache.

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Savanna Rhum 5 Ans d’Age The Original Distillery Blend 70cl 45%Vol

Savanna Rhum 5 Ans d’Age The Original Distillery Blend 70cl 45%Vol

An invitation to travel between primary forest and wild waterfalls, the liveliness of this 5 YEAR OLD Savanna reveals a subtle woody note and elegant exotic notes of mango, pineapple, vanilla, then almond.

Savanna Rhum Herr 57 2022 edition 70cl 57%vol.

Undoubtedly the wildest of Savanna rums, the HERR 2022 edition, is exuberant and fruity to perfection!
Original in tasting, this high ester rum brings intensity and complexity in mixology!

RHUM NATION Rare Versailles 2004 2022 Whisky Finish 70cl 57,65%Vol

Distillation in a wooden pot still, and a long period of maturation followed by 54 months in ex-Scotch whisky casks, have given life to a full bodied but well-behaved rum.

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 RHUM NATION Rare Port Mourant 2010 2022 Sherry Finish 70cl 59%Vol.

RHUM NATION Rare Port Mourant 2010 2022 Sherry Finish 70cl 59%Vol.

A medium bodied rum distilled in a double wooden pot still, with a moderately estery character enhanced by a finish for 22 months in refill Oloroso.

RHUM NATION Rare Savanna Traditionnel 2006 2022 Sherry Finish 70cl 57,65%Vol

Dark, concentrated, flamboyant: it betrays its long maturation at the tropics in Cognac casks, followed by a continental finish of 42 months in refill Oloroso.

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Compagnie Des Indes MAURITIUS  14 Y Oloroso Finisch  45%

Compagnie Des Indes MAURITIUS 14 Y Oloroso Finisch 45%

Until the beginning of the 2000’s, Mauritian law dating back from the British colonial era enforced distillers to distil at high abv, above 93 %.

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