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Ganzalez Byass La Copa by GonzÌÁlez Byass Blanco (75cl, 15%)

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The Jerez firm recovers the tradition of making vermouth from recipes dating back as old as 1896. This genuine Jerez vermouth symbolises the union of past and present, made possible thanks to the perfect preservation of the original documents housed at th

More excellent sherry vermouth. This one comes from Gonazalez-Byass who make the world's best selling fino, Tio Pepe. The Spanish have gone vermouth mad in the last few years. Very sensible of them. But sherry vermouth is nothing new. This particular one, La Copa, is a revival of a 19th century brand and made to the original recipe. The label too is a recreation of the original. It's made with top quality sherry, aromatised with various herbs, dried fruit and spices including, of course, wormwood. It's light and delicate and dry(ish) with good depth of flavour.

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