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TEANINICH 13 Year Old, The Red Compagnie

Nose – Sweet at first, then slight Dry Oak, more Fruity Flavours, Fruitcake and some Orange Spices
Palate – Sharp burst of Spices at first, then some Orange Peel
Finish – Very smooth finish, some Fruitcake, slight spices with a lingering taste

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TEANINICH 9 Year Old 2007 (cask CM229)

TEANINICH 9 Year Old 2007 (cask CM229)

An uncommon sight - single malt from the Teaninich distillery. Lots of Teaninich's whisky ends up in blends, so we're always happy to see it as a single malt.

TEANINICH 11 Year Old 2008 (cask 706527)

This Highland malt is like a good old fashioned fruit scone. It is soft, crumbly, best served lathered with jam or bramble jelly.

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TEANINICH 13 Year Old 2008 (cask 709849)

TEANINICH 13 Year Old 2008 (cask 709849)

This 13 year old single malt was distilled at Teaninich back in June 2008. The whisky was matured in a single cask for 13 years, before the fab gang at Old Goonsy's Malt decided it was time to crack it open and bottle it up in June 2021!

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