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La Maison Du Rhum


La Maison Du Rhum Venezuela Diplomatico batch #3 2011 42°

The House of Rum Venezuela Diplomatico batch # 3 2011 comes to us from Distilerias Unidas S.A. (DUSA), which are famous for their flagship rum, the Diplomatico. The production of this rum is complex, as it uses various raw materials, stills and barrels.

La Maison Du Rhum El Salvador 2011 fin Chateaux neuf 40° B4

For this 4th edition, La Maison du Rhum takes us to El Salvador. Distilled in 2011, this rum benefits from a 24-month period in ex-Châteauneuf-du-Pape casks before being bottled in 2021


La Maison Du Rhum Colombia Hacienda Coloma 2007 is a rum of Spanish tradition, distilled from molasses at Hacienda Coloma.

La Maison Du Rhum Trinidad &Tobago fin.Bb2009 55° B4

For this 4th edition, La Maison du Rhum has selected a rum from Trinidad & Tobago. Distilled in 2009, it matures in ex-Bourbon casks before bottling in 2021. The 55° gives a boost to the aromatic palette.

La Maison Du Rhum Paraguay – Fortin Batch #3 2007

La Maison du Rhum Paraguay - Fortin Batch # 3 2007 is part of the brand's third bottling series. It comes from the Castilla distillery, founded in 1993, which is the source of Fortin rums. These cane honey rums are produced with the domain's sugar cane. T

La Maison Du Rhum Republique Dominicaine 42° batch #2

La Maison Du Rhum Republique Dominicaine is a Spanish-style rum that comes to us from Oliver & Oliver, a Dominican rum giant. Its aging in American oak barrels in the solera system indicates an average age of 12 years.

La Maison Du Rhum Île Maurice Chamarel batch #3 2015

La Maison du Rhum Île Maurice Chamarel batch # 3 2015 comes from the youngest distillery on the island, founded in 2008.

La Maison Du Rhum Sainte Lucie fin ex Bb 2013 45° B4

With this 4th edition, La Maison du Rhum highlights all Saint Lucia's know-how in the field of rum. Distilled in Coffee Still, in 2013 by St Lucia Distillers, Maison du Rhum Sainte-Lucie Batch #4 rum is aged in first fill American white oak barrels.

La Maison Du Rhum Reunion Rivière du Mat fin Cognac2011 49° B4

It is in the heart of the Reunionese Rivière du Mât distillery that the Maison du Rhum has selected this rum, distilled in 2011. Aged in French oak barrels and in ex-Cognac casks, this rum offers a complex aromatic profile.

La Maison Du Rhum Pérou Millonario fin Bb & Px 2011 48° B4

Head to Peru to discover the rum selected by the Maison du Rhum for its 4th edition: La Maison du Rhum Pérou Batch # 4. Distilled in 2011 at Millonario, the rum matures in ex-bourbon and Sherry casks. It benefits from a finish in ex-casks of Jerez Pedro X

La Maison Du Rhum Panama batch #4 2010

On the way to Panama, to discover this 4th edition, selected by La Maison du Rhum. Distilled in 2010, this Panama rum is aged in white oak barrels before enjoying a 6-month finish in ex-vats of Oloroso Sherry.

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