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Compagnie Des Indes



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Compagnie Des Indes MAURITIUS 14 Y Oloroso Finisch 45%

Until the beginning of the 2000’s, Mauritian law dating back from the British colonial era enforced distillers to distil at high abv, above 93 %.

Compagnie Des Indes Panama 11 years | Single Cask

The distillery uses new American oak casks for their aging process. White American oak has a higher concentration of vanilla which is going to bring extra vanilla flavours to these rums.

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Compagnie Des Indes Australia 8 years

Compagnie Des Indes Australia 8 years

This Aussie 8 year old single cask comes from a secret distillery. It is very expressive and exuberant with prominent aromas of spices

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Compagnie Des Indes Navy Strength | Blend

Compagnie Des Indes Navy Strength | Blend

Made from a blend of rums from Jamaica coming from the two distilleries Clarendon & Worthy Park, this blend highlights Pot still rums so representative of the Jamaican style.

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