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Viva 2020 Aperitif Beer, with Alc. 11.5% 75 cl

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This ‘Bière Brut’ contains 40% Chardonnay. This is hence not an ordinary beer, this is a ‘Belgian Hybrid Brew’.

This special apero beer is fermented 3 times: 1 fermentation for the grape juice, 1 fermentation for the basic beer and then a 3rd important fermentation in which the real aroma symbiosis between the beer and the grapes takes place. As a result, this hybrid beer is very dry, has almost no residual sugars and a high alcohol content of 11.5%. In the fermentation atypical yeasts from the world of natural wines are used. This gives the beer an unique vinous aroma.

Viva is filled very carefully in the bottle under high pressure. There is therefore no need for secondary fermentation in the bottle to obtain its beautiful pearls. Because of this, there is also no dead residual yeast in the (last) glass.

The exclusive bottle, of Italian design, is coated black so that there is never a harmful light impact on the taste of the beer.

Viva is characterized by a dry, easy to drink, fruity, slightly sour and sparkling character. This makes this ‘bière brut’, served in exclusive bottles, extremely suitable as an original alternative to Champagne, Cava or Prosecco. An eye-catcher for every special occasion.

Viva contains 100% natural ingredients and is 100% Belgian.

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