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Slyrs Single Malt Whisky Fifty-One 51% vol

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What makes SLYRS Whisky so unique? Is it the Bavarian sun-ripened summer barley, the pure mineral water or the gentle maturity? The mix of all these features and the observant eyes of the experienced distillers creates a strong aroma with a hint of smoke

The whisky can develop its own character because of the maturity in an American whiteoak barell with a minimal batch size of 225 liters. The aroma intensifies and mixes with the smoke aroma of the barrel.

Maceration: with pure mineral water from the Alps carefully mashed and slowly infused the barley shows its full body. At SLYRS the distillers take a lot of time for all processes.
Distillation: The team of Hans Kemenater observes the whisky carefully during the distillation and crystalizes slowly a centerpiece of a strong Single Malt Whisky which is allowed to mature many months.
Cellaring: The small volume of 225 liters for SLYRS Single Malt Whisky barrels harmonizes perfectly for smaller editions. Like this the Fifty-One Whisky can expand freely.

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