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La Maison Du Rhum LA MAISON DU RHUM SAINTE LUCIE 45° batch # 3 2012

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Distilled in 2010 in a column still (coffey still design) - Aged in American white oak barrels of 1st filling.

St Lucia Distillers was born in 1972 from the merger of two Saint Lucia distilleries. 
It owes its international recognition to Laurie Bernard who directed it for four decades.
Thanks to its four stills, three pot stills and a column,
and its mastery of aging and blending,
St Lucia Distillers gives birth to a fine collection of traditional rums
including Chairman's Reserve and Admiral Rodney, two legendary signatures.
This molasses rum was distilled in 2012 and then aged in new American oak barrels. 
Bottling took place in 2020 and produced 5,486 bottles.

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