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Compared to the usual very sweet Demerara rums, this cask strength release – a blend of distillates from three different stills (French Savalle, wooden Coffey, double wooden pot) – is winey and dry, meant for lovers of austere styles.

Nose: Very alcoholic, but with an intense winey note from the sherry casks. Coffee, red cherries, orange peel, aromas of spices, fragrant wood and a touch of leather, and raw cane sugar.

Palate: Dry, very winey and with a heavy presence of astringent tannins from oloroso sherry. Blueberries and all types of red fruits, orange juice, and a hint of toasted/burnt sugar (crème brûlée).

Finish: Very dry, getting even more tannic, peppery and with the sherry astringency that almost becomes rowdy.

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