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When Wolfburn single malt Scotch whisky distillery was founded in 2013 it became the northernmost distillery in mainland Scotland. It's situated within 350 metres of the site of the original Wolfburn distillery, dating from 1821, which closed its doors back in the nineteenth century. All that remains of the historic distillery are its foundation stones, but the burn from which it took its name is also the water source used today as whisky distilling returns to Thurso.

The distillery has a single pair of Forsyths copper pot stills. The wash still has a capacity of 5,500 litres and the boil ball spirit still has a capacity of 3,600 litres. Fermentation times range from 70-92 hours in the four stainless steel washbacks and the distillery has a single 1.1 tonne semi-lauter mash tun.

Both unpeated and peated spirits are produced and filled into a combination of ex-bourbon hogsheads and quarter casks as well as ex-Oloroso Sherry casks (roughly a third going into each). Distillery manger Shane Fraser previously worked at Glenfarclas for seven years, as well as spending time at Royal Lochnagar and Oban.

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