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Famous Grouse


The Famous Grouse blend was conceived by a Perth based grocer and drinks merchant named Matthew Gloag. In 1860, his son, William Gloag assumed control of his father's company and started blending whisky. It was in 1896 that William’s son, named Matthew for his grandfather, controlled operations, creating the Grouse brand in 1897. During the early 20th century, blended whisky was a very popular product and the Famous Grouse went from strength to strength.

Today, the Famous Grouse is the second best-selling blended Scotch whisky in the UK and the 32nd biggest drinks brand worldwide. Furthermore, it is heralded as Scotland’s favourite drink. The blend is made up of noteworthy components; whisky from The Macallan, The Glenrothes and Highland Park are included, though 65% of the spirit content is made up of grain whisky.

The Famous Grouse is also notable for being the first blending company to release a cask finished blended whisky. The company founded The Famous Grouse Experience at the Glenturret distillery and the experience is as much a museum for whisky distillation as it is about the Grouse brand
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