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Ron Colón Aged Dark Rum (70cl, 40.5%)

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A rum with big flavour from the smallest country in Central America. El Salvador based Ron Colón Salvadoreño combines 6-year-old column-distilled rum produced at the Licorera Cihuatán – named after the Mayan settlement

With 3-year-old Jamaican rum from Worthy Park, and a blend of unaged, pot-distilled Jamaican rums to make this dark, aged expression. At 40.5% ABV, this rum lends itself particularly well to mixing, we’re thinking Rum Punch or with a fiery ginger beer.

Tasting Note

Lighter than you’d maybe expect from a dark rum, it hits you with tropical fruit straight off the bat. The Jamaican style is very noticeable throughout, with a spicy, nutty, tropical finish.

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