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Rum & Cane Spanish Caribbean XO Regional Rum 43% 70 cl

This bottle of Spanish Caribbean Extra Old (XO) Regional Rum was distilled in a Pot Still in Cuba and at the AFD distillery in the Dominican Republic. It was aged in American Oak, ex Bourbon barrels for a bold but balanced flavour.

Rum & Cane Central America XO regional rum, 43% 70cl

This bottle of Central America Extra Old (XO) Rum was column-distilled in Nicaragua and Guatemala from fermented molasses and aged in American Oak, ex-Bourbon barrels for on cooler mountain plains for a smooth and mellow finish.

Rum & Cane British West Indies XO rum 43% 70cl

This bottle of British West Indies Extra Old (XO) Rum was distilled at Trinidad Distillers and at the Four Square distillery in Barbados in a combination of pot and column stills. It was aged in American Oak, ex-Bourbon barrels for smooth, classic flavour

Rum & Cane French Overseas XO rum, 43% 70cl

This bottle of French Overseas Extra Old (XO) Rum was distilled from Agricole at the Riviére du Mât distillery in Reunion and at the Le Galion distillery in Martinique, before being aged in both American and French White Oak barrels, for a big, bold finis

Rum & Cane Asia Pacific XO Rum 43% 70cl

A limited release blend of rum produced in Indonesia & Fiji, crafted from molasses and distilled using column stills then aged in ex bourbon casks. A very limited release of around 2,000 bottles worldwide per batch.

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